How To Use Remedy Ticketing System?



Have you ever heard about the remedy ticketing system? It is one of the client-server trouble ticketing software that is produced by BMC. This is a great platform to help in resolving the problems of the customer. If you want to know how to use it then you have arrived at the right place. In this article, I will teach you how to use the remedy action request software in detail. Make sure you stick till the end to see the comparison between BMC Remedy and ServiceNow. Let us now learn about the remedy ticketing system to create a ticket.

How To Use Remedy Ticketing System?

In this section, you will study the remedy ticketing system tutorial in detail. So, without wasting much time let us begin with the tutorial.

Below I have listed down steps to use this software to create a new remedy ticketing.

  1. First, Click on the Start button 
  2. Select Programs.
  3. Click on Action Request System from the menu.
  4. Log In to the remedy application.
  5. Enter your username and password.
  6. Click on the Enter key.
  7. Go to the Remedy User main window toolbar.
  8. Click On the File option 
  9. Select Open.
  10. Click on the Object List from the menu.
  11. Then click on the Find option.
  12. Now, type your problem, into the search box 
  13. Click the Find option.
  14. Select the problem of your choice from the list of problems.
  15. Now, you have to click on the new ticket in the problem list window. 
  16. Enter the requested customer, address, and problem description in the box.
  17. Click on the Save button when done.

Thus, this will automatically send the ticket to the group responsible for fixing the problem.

However, you can search for trouble tickets according to your problem, ticket queue, and ticket number. You simply have to type any of the above-listed options in the search box for the desired results.

BMC Remedy Ticketing System Tutorial

By now you have understood how to create a new remedy ticketing. Here you will learn how to create tickets manually or automatically at the service desk. Let us now move forward to learn the BMC remedy tutorial in detail. 

  • Manually Create A Ticket In A Remedy Service Desk

Follow these steps to manually create a ticket.

  1. Select the Monitoring option from the Enterprise menu of the Enterprise Manager console.
  2. Then click on the Incident Manager option.
  3. Select an incident from the list that appeared in the table.
  4. Click on the More option in the tracking section and then create a ticket.
  5. A create ticket pop-up window appears.
  6. Here, select a ticket template from the menu and click on OK.

Thus, a ticket is successfully created along with a ticket ID.

  • Automatically Create A Ticket In A Remedy Service Desk

You can follow these steps to create a ticket automatically.

  1. Click on the Setup option from the Enterprise Manager console.
  2. Select the Incidents and Incidents Rules option.
  3. Click on Create Rule Set and enter a name and description.
  4. Click on the Rules tab.
  5. For Events, click on create and then select Incoming events or updates to events option.
  6. For Incidents, click on create and then select newly created incidents or updates to incidents.
  7. Finally, select the Create Ticket check box.

This will display the combo box which will allow you to select Connector Type, name, and template.

Remedy Ticketing System Cost

For the above tutorial, you may need a Remedy Action Request System Software. You can search for remedy ticketing system software free download if you do not have this software installed on your system. Here I have listed down the Remedy 9 Pricing for you.

  • 1 to 2 sessions: $500
  • 3 to 4 sessions: $1,500
  • 5 to 7 sessions: $2,500
  • 8 to 10 sessions: $5,000

You can purchase whichever plan is suitable for your pocket.

Remedy Ticketing System Vs ServiceNow

You must be surprised to know ServiceNow and BMC Remedy are two famous names in IT services. Many businessmen are often confused about which software to choose between them. Here, I have listed down some side-by-side comparisons that will help you to choose.

  • Capabilities And Consolidation

BMC Remedy requires additional services, hardware, and software resources to operate.  While ServiceNow works entirely from the cloud and is operated by ServiceNow itself.

  • Delivery Model

Generally, the BMC Remedy operates on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model. While ServiceNow operates on Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) delivery model.

  • Third-Party Integrations

In BMC Remedy, any third-party integrations can be added with additional cost. However, ServiceNow actively encourages third-party integrations within its communities.

  • Configuration And Accessibility

BMC Remedy needs prior approval to perform on-demand configuration. While ServiceNow is much flexible in adapting any new platform according to the customer.

  • Upgrades

BMC Remedy requires its users to be responsible for upgrading their software. While ServiceNow delivers easy and automated upgrades.

  • Community Support

BMC has a support community called BMC Community. Even ServiceNow also has a support community portal called ServiceNow Community and ServiceNow Wiki page.

BMC Remedy Interview Questions

There are various BMC remedy jobs such as BMC developer, BMC architect, or remedy developer in various sectors. Here, I have listed down few questions that will help you with your interview.

  • What Is Remedy Software?

It is a client-server trouble ticketing software produced by BMC. This application is widely used by many organizations to track internal problems and customer-reported issues. Remedy Software is also known as Remedy Action Request System or ARS.

  • What Is Remedy Ticketing System?

It is a client-server trouble ticketing software produced by BMC that is used by many organizations. This software helps them to track internal problems and customer-reported issues.

  • What Is BMC Remedy Full Form?

BMC stands for Action Request System or ARS.

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How Much Does Remedy Ticketing System Cost?

The cost is $60/per user per month. the two biggest components of the suite. It’s offered in two licensing flavors: Named Users (similar to ServiceNow) and Concurrent Users (just like their competitor Cherwell).

What Is The Ticketing Process?

Use the Ticketing feature to track issues related to assets, agents, or events. A ticket is a work request created in response to a situation that requires further investigation. Examples of possible ticket scenarios: Patching a range of assets against vulnerabilities.

What Are Problems Of Ticketing System?

Some of the most common challenges of using a traditional ticketing system are impersonal service, inadequate response for essential issues, service available at specified hours only, and resolutions for the simplest of the queries are not immediately available.

Why Do We Use Ticketing System?

A ticketing system allows IT support to track, manage, speed up, and deal effectively with incidents. The ticketing software can automatically distribute and assign incidents to the right IT staff member. It can also automatically carry out simple tasks to save time and resources.

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In my above guide, we have discussed remedy ticketing system training. However, to use BMC remedy software you need Remedy Action Request System software installed on your system. Make sure you follow each step that is mentioned in the tutorial. Above I have also shared some interview questions with you. To secure your position in this field you need to be prepared along with your remedy ticketing system resume. Here, I have also shared a comparison chart of BMC Remedy and ServiceNow. So, now you have understood and got a brief idea about the remedy ticketing system through this article. 


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