How Can Small Businesses Increase Awareness Through Videos?

If you plan a marketing campaign for 2022 and beyond, videos must be part of your marketing mix.

Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, videos are a critical tool to increase awareness about your business. If we can go a little further, videos are mandatory for brand positioning in a digitally connected world during contemporary times.

As a startup or small-scale enterprise looking for expansion, awareness is crucial for the business plan. People need to know about your business to browse the web or visit physically. Brand awareness is brand positioning among the target audience and niche market.

In this article, we will focus on methods to increase awareness for small businesses.

Initially, we will explain a couple of reasons why businesses should use videos for their business positioning.

Why are videos the most popular medium for business awareness?

Small businesses should use videos on a mega-scale because of the following reasons.

Inexpensive and easy to create

Creating videos and using them to increase brand awareness is much more convenient than traditional marketing methods. You can simply use a camera and record the video, or assign it to someone from your team. The second step is to enhance the video using an online video editor. You can also use images to make videos via a video-making tool. All you need is a camera and the skills for capturing photos/videos to make stunning marketing videos.

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Effective engagement

Videos provide better engagement compared with texts or images. If you have shopped online recently, you must have seen product videos and explainer videos on e-commerce platforms. Companies such as Amazon and Flipkart promote small businesses from across India using videos to showcase their products.

Businesses can actively generate leads through videos. They can also effectively engage their existing and potential clients through videos.

Real-time feedback

Businesses can use videos to get real-time feedback from their customers. It is also an effective way to communicate with the end-user directly. It builds trust and generates natural referrals. Global brands such as Airtel, Netflix, etc., are very active on Twitter, interacting with end-users directly.

Wider awareness

Geographical boundaries cannot restrict the reach of your videos. You upload your videos on video streaming platforms, and the world can watch them in real-time. 

Thus, videos target the worldwide market and potential customers to increase your brand’s awareness. Videos also boost sales and establish your brand by retaining your pool of loyal customers/clients.

If you are a beginner in the business domain and curious to explore the potential impact of videos on brand awareness, read the following section about methods to spread awareness through videos.

How can small businesses increase awareness through videos?

Consistency of the content is your superpower. Your videos will generate the desired awareness only if they are relevant and engaging for the target market and customer/client segment.

Tutorial/how-to-do videos for customers

The study says “How-to-do” videos are the most-watched videos on social media channels and YouTube. Create a stunning video with an online video editor and circulate it on different platforms.

Make a business page or channel for your brand, and publish tutorial videos regularly. There should be consistency and scope for open communication. You can build and retain a loyal customer base by promptly replying to customers’ queries, troubleshooting if they have problems with your products/services, and welcoming their suggestions/feedback. If they are satisfied, the existing customers will refer your brand to their friends/family or promote it on social media platforms, thus increasing your awareness and customer base. So, focus on building a group of loyal customers. 


Video blogs or Vlogs are new tools to increase business awareness. You have two options here. First, you can make a video blog about company products and services and promote them on your website and other social media platforms.

Secondly, hire a professional vlogger to shoot a video around your business and publish it on their channel. Video blogging is a form of influential marketing. Subscribers and followers of the vlogger will watch the video. It gives genuine and real-time responses from viewers who could become your potential customers.

Videos on social media

Social media is the most desirable destination for building your brand, targeting a niche market, and improvising with real-time data. You can post videos in the news feed, stories, and through hyperlinks. Customers can interact here in real-time.

Social media channels can target the right set of audiences for your brands. Facts say in their favor.

Let us have a look at the facts:

  • Facebook has more than 2.6 billion monthly active users (Statista).
  • WhatsApp has over 2 billion users. They share over 1 billion video and text messages daily (Statista).
  • Instagram also has nearly 1 billion users.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

Nothing speaks the truth as facts do. Harness the massive potential of social media and increase your brand presence and business turnover with interactive videos.

Create videos for YouTube

YouTube offers multiple ways to promote your business. First, to increase your brand presence, you can hire a vlogger. Secondly, you can make a video advertisement on online video editor software and attach a link with the product video.

In addition, you can also run your advertisement on third-party channels with paid features of YouTube.

Thirdly, create explainer videos and build a community where people can chat and interact with the brand. It will help in brand positioning, recall, and generating new sales or leads.

Optimize content

Creating videos is only half the work done. You must optimize your videos to get the desired outcome of the video marketing campaign. 

  • Ensure your videos are optimized suitably for multiple devices.
  • People use smartphones, laptops, tablets, and several other devices to access information. To tap your target audience holistically, create content adjustable according to the screen size. It means no stretched or blurred videos.
  • Optimize your videos demographically. Understand your brand and its relevant target audience. In addition, if you want to increase brand visibility for a bigger market, take the help of translation service provider companies and make your website multilingual.
  • People should relate the video content to their problem, and the video should provide a viable solution.

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