What Is A Logic Board And Definition?

Have you heard about the term logic board for the first time then you have arrived at the right place! All computers mainly rely on electrical connections that help them to respond to the commands given by a user. This helps them to translate into definite results. So, Today in my article I will discuss the definition of this circuit board and its functioning in detail. Here, I have also mentioned the main causes of circuit failure and what you can do to prevent them. Let us now study what is a logic board in detail.

What Is A Logic Board?

It Is the main circuit board that is used in every Apple laptop or desktop computing device. Basically, it is a composition of the logic chip, logic gate, and motherboard. These printed circuit boards are made up of fiberglass and copper. Here, fiberglass provides insulation, and copper forms conductive pathways.

Logical Board Definition

It is a printed circuit board that contains many logic circuits. Apple calls the motherboard used in their computers as printed circuit board. In computing language, it is the Macintosh term for a motherboard. Let us now move forward with the functions of this circuit board.

Logic Board Function

In this section, I will discuss some main functions of this circuit board.

  • The main function of this circuit board is to aid the normal functioning of the computer. 
  • Hardware units such as graphics cards, sound cards, CPUs, and memory chips perform different functions. This circuit board helps these units to coordinate with each other.
  • Sometimes due to the massive workload, these circuit boards can heat up during use. So, an onboard fan is included in these circuit boards to cool the CPU and other critical elements.

Logic Board Vs Motherboard

If you look a little closer, you may not find any major difference between these circuit boards and motherboards. It is just another name given to the motherboard by Apple in the early 80s. The only tiny difference you may find is that this circuit board is usually considered Macintosh while the motherboard can be a Mac or any other computer device. However, you may find certain specifications that can only be found in Apple computers.

Importance Of Motherboards In Computer

We all know that any computer cannot function without its operational circuit board i.e motherboard. So, this circuit is one of the most critical elements of the internal hardware used in any device. You can find them in various Apple devices such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhones.

However, you can also these circuit boards used in various other appliances such as garage door openers. Liftmaster Logic Board Model 3800 used in many wall-mounted garage door openers as they are very easy to install band use.

Motherboards In Apple And Other Devices

Here, I have listed down some motherboards that can be used in various Apple and other devices.

  • Logic Board MacBook Air

There are a variety of options available for you to repair your broken MacBook Air. Keep on reading to know the options that are available for you in any Apple store nearby you.

  1. MacBook Air 13” 1.8 GHz motherboard
  2. MacBook Air 13” 2.0 GHz motherboard
  3. MacBook Air 13” 1.7 GHz motherboard
  4. MacBook Air 13” 1.4 GHz motherboard

But make sure you select the motherboard according to your laptop model. 

  • Logic Board MacBook Pro

You can choose any of the below-listed boards that are suitable for your MacBook Pro model.

  1. MacBook Pro 13” Unibody 2.5 GHz motherboard
  2. MacBook Pro 13” Retina 3.0 GHz motherboard
  3. MacBook Pro 15” Retina 2.4 GHz motherboard
  4. MacBook Pro 13” Unibody 2.9 GHz motherboard

All the above-listed motherboards will help you to fix your laptop easily.

  • Logic Board iPhone

In iPhones, you can find the following different types of motherboards used in these devices.

  1. iPhone 5s Motherboard
  2. iPhone 4s motherboard
  3. iPhone 6s motherboard
  4. iPhone Xs Max A1921 motherboard

The list seems never-ending, so you can choose any motherboards that are suitable for your iPhone devices.

  • Logic Board For HP Printer

In the terms of HP Printers, motherboards are known as formatter boards. They are specially designed to be used in combination with an HP Digital Camera. Here, you get a wide range of variety to choose from.

What Are The Causes Of Motherboard Failure?

Due to prolonged use, the CPU cannot send signals through the motherboard to the rest of the system. Motherboard failure is one of the hardest things to diagnose and repair. Today, I will share some main reasons for motherboard failure with you.

  • Liquid Spill

The parts of computer hardware are very delicate and can get easily damaged. If you accidentally spilled a drink or any liquid on your laptop, can directly ruin the motherboard of the system. The connecting points on the motherboard will completely stop working, ultimately leading to the entire board’s failure.

  • Overheating

Generally, overheating is very bad for the entire computer. Every computer needs a cooling system so that your computer works smoothly. But sometimes, if the heat is not diffused quickly, the system will overheat. Which will result in a motherboard failure. Inefficient heat diffusion can also be caused due to accumulation of dust or a faulty cooling fan.

  • Due To Natural Wear And Tear

Many hardware devices do not have much lifespan. It can be one of the reasons that cause motherboard failure.

Tips To Prevent Motherboard Failure

Motherboard failure can happen to any Apple laptop or desktop Mac device. In this section, I have listed down some important tips to prevent your devices from a premature motherboard failure.

  • Keeping Your Device Clean

Always make sure you keep your devices free from dust. You can use a lint-free cloth and some isopropyl alcohol to clean the inside of your computer.

  • Keep An Eye On Your Cooling System

The cooling fan is the main component that fights against overheating. So it is very important to keep it healthy and clean so that it works properly. If the cooling fan starts making an abnormal sound then it is a clear sign that your system is failing.

  • Get A Professional Help

You can also visit the nearby Apple store to professionally repair it. However, the Logic board repair done by a professional can cost you around $400. 

How To Test Motherboards?

Above we have studied the causes and tips to prevent the failure of motherboards. Sometimes you may need professional help for repairing them. In this section, you will learn how the testing of motherboards is done.

Motherboard Testing

The testing of this circuit board can be done by the following methods.

  • Testing Hard Drive: 

You can check the motherboard on a hard disk with Disk Utility by running First Aid. This will help you to detect and repair any bad errors. And prevent the premature failure of the motherboard simultaneously.

  • Testing RAM:

With the help of Apple Diagnosis, you can easily test detachable and embedded RAM. If you find that your RAM chip is faulty, then you can simply replace them with the new one.

  • Testing GPU:

Again with the help of Apple Diagnosis, you can test the embedded GPU on the motherboard. If you found a fault with the logic keyboard, then you can repair this by replacing the motherboard.

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What Does Logic Board Do?

The primary function of this board is to hold all of the internal circuitry of the Apple is one of the most essential pieces used in all Apple computers.

Why Does Apple Call It A Logic Board?

Apple named their mainboards by this name since the 80s. There is no specific reason behind it, I assume that it is a clone in an IBM computer.

What Is The Logic Board?

It is defined as a circuit board that contains logic circuits consisting logic chip, logic gate, and motherboard. However, only Apple calls its motherboard used in its computer by this name.

Is The CPU The Logic Board?

No, the CPU is a socket present on the motherboard.

Is Logic Board A Motherboard?

Logic Board is nothing much different from a motherboard. Motherboards used in Apple’s Macintosh computers are simply called “Logic Board” or “Main Logic Board”. It does the same thing as a Motherboard such as hosting integral parts like CPU, RAM, SSD, Graphics Card, etc.

What Causes Logic Board Issues?

The causes of a logic board failure are physical damage, age, overheating, and liquid spills. If one component fails usually the whole motherboard fails. Replacing the faulty components is not as easy it may sound because, one has to know which IC (integrated chip) or filter is faulty.

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In my above article, we have studied what is a compute logic board in detail. It is a printed circuit board that contains logic circuits with a logic chip, logic gate, and motherboard. Sometimes, motherboard failure can happen due to unhealthy computing habits. However, Logic board repairs and replacements are a very tough task and can cost you in the range of $200-600. Above I have listed down some preventive measures that can help them from premature failure. I hope that you have got a brief idea about logic board meaning by now. 


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