What Is Paddle.Net?

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What Is Paddle.Net? is a software monetization and distribution platform for software developers and publishers. It provides a suite of tools and services that allow developers to sell and distribute their software products online.

The platform offers a range of features that include:

  • Secure software licensing and activation
  • Automatic software updates
  • Digital product delivery
  • Payment processing and revenue management
  • Customer management and analytics’s goal is to make it easy for developers to sell and distribute their software products, and to help them grow their businesses. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for developers to manage their products and customers, and it offers a variety of pricing options to suit different business models.

With, developers can sell their software products on their own website, through the marketplace, or through a network of global resellers. Additionally, also provides a platform for developers to sell their software as a service, where customers can subscribe to the software on a recurring basis. also provides developers with a set of APIs that allow them to integrate the platform’s features into their own software products. This enables developers to provide their customers with a seamless experience when purchasing, activating and updating their software.

In summary, is a software monetization and distribution platform that provides a suite of tools and services to software developers and publishers. It allows them to sell and distribute their software products online, manage their customers, and handle payments and revenue management. offers

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What Websites Use Paddle Net?

17 Companies That Use Paddle [2023]

  •     Entrepreneur Business Blog.
  •     Snap Search.
  •     Tookapic.
  •     Klokki.
  •     One Word Domains.
  •     Mumu.
  •     CompanyHub.
  •     Studio Wombat.

How Do I Cancel Paddle Net?

How do I cancel a or subscription? To cancel a subscription billed by Paddle, visit our support chat on You’ll be asked for your email or transaction details to locate the subscription.

What Is Paddle Payment?

The paddle is a billing and payment gateway for B2B SaaS companies. Reach out to Paddle customers. Create a list of 4,200 Paddle websites with company and contact details.

What Is A Paddle Subscription?

Paddle subscription billing is a payment infrastructure for SaaS companies handling all payment routing, tax collection, compliance, invoicing, subscription management, renewals, reporting, and fraud protection ensuring more revenue, while remaining secure and globally compliant.

Why Am I Getting A Charge From Paddle Net?

Why do I have a charge from If you’re seeing a charge from Paddle on your bank or credit card statement, it is likely you have purchased or subscribed to a product supplied by one of the thousands of software companies in our network.

Is Paddle Related To Paypal?

Paddle, in fact, has Paypal integrated as a payment method, so you can easily cater to customers in markets where PayPal is the preferred option, without having to integrate it yourself. Paddle goes far beyond just being an alternative to PayPal.


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