What Is Craigslist Secret Code?



You must be aware of craigslist but not the latest feature craigslist secret code. Craiglist is a very old site and so are the scams related to it. To protect the there are been many security updates from time to time. One such update is the craigslist security code. So what is it and how is it beneficial? And how it works? All these questions may be in your mind. Let us discuss all craigslist security codes and answer all your queries below.

What Is Craigslist Secret Code?

Craigslist Secret Code is a one-time code that you receive on your registered number. This lets you post in limited segments for 90 days. Once a code has been delivered to your number you cannot ask for another code unless the present code has expired. Craigslist key codes are account-specific, so a single code cannot be used for posting on multiple Craigslist accounts.

To stop users from posting spam or advertisements that violate their terms and conditions, Craigslist needs its members to confirm their telephone numbers before posting certain kinds of advertisements. You receive a text message or an automatic voice call on your mobile phone. After creating a new advertisement and adding pictures to it, Craigslist may exhibit a telephone verification display.

As you know Craigslist is a registered site to list advertisements where users can also post on the local versions of the website so that the ads are more relevant local. Craigslist contains a vast selection of sections and many groups also some are may contain articles by crawlers and spambots. To be secure from all this Craigslist has implemented a key code for posting in specific segments.

Craigslist has many different security options to maintain its traffic protection and avoid spam. Several segments contain warnings about fraud before you are about to post advertisements. It asks you to enter CAPTCHA text to ensure that the poster is not a spammer. Some community members may post articles that are inappropriate or junk too but the site administrator examine the articles and eliminate them if they feel so.

Importance Of Craigslist Secret Code?

The Importance of the craigslist security code is for your account safety and also to avoid spammers. When you are attempting to post a specific type of advertisement Craigslist requires some extra safety that is the Craigslist secret code. 

To post these types of advertisements you must be registered and signed in to your Craigslist account and enter a unique code that you receive through text messaging or an automatic telephone call. This system connects you using a real-world telephone number to further confirm that you’re genuine and not a spammer. Without a Craigslist secret code, you can’t post in the specific fields or classes.

How To Get Craigslist Secret Code?

To get Craigslist Secret code and post your ad successfully you need to follow the below instructions

  1. Log in to your craigslist account
  2. To to the post ad page
  3. Select the category
  4. Enter your phone number 
  5. You will receive the code
  6. Enter the code on the required text box
  7. Click on submit verification code

How Does Craigslist Secret Code Work?

When you are about to register you are prompted to enter a phone number where you can receive the text or telephone call to get the code. An automatic system sends a text message or makes a telephone call to give you a code. You have to type the code on the same page where it has been asked. As soon as you enter the code you will be able to post and you may continue posting your advertisement.

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What Does It Mean When Someone Asks For A Code On Craigslist?

When someone asks for a code in craigslist this means that they are interested in the ad that you posted on craigslist. To ensure that you are not a spammer they send you a verification code.

Is There A Verification Code For Craigslist?

Yes, there is a verification code for craigslist that is rest to your registered number. It is to verify that the account belongs to you after which you can post your advertisement.

What Can A Craigslist Scammer Do With My Phone Number?

A scammer can use your phone number to they can hack into your phone and do some financial fraud from your bank accounts, can delete your data, and can also use your email or social media profiles.


This was all about the craigslist secret code you should know. Craigslist is a very huge platform and worth to so it needs to be extra secure to avoid spammers and frauds. Keeping in mind all this craigslist keeps updating and improving its security measures. The secret code is one of the best ways that benefit the website and avoids scammers fooling a user. Now you will not be confused next time when you are about to post something on craigslist and are asked to enter the craigslist secret code as you know everything after reading the above article.

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