What Is Procedural Ark?

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What Is Procedural Ark?

Procedural Ark is a mod for the popular video game Ark: Survival Evolved. This mod allows players to generate custom procedural maps that are unique and unpredictable, adding a new level of excitement and challenge to the game.

Ark: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival game where players must survive on a mysterious island filled with dangerous creatures and environmental hazards. The game has gained a massive following due to its challenging gameplay, vast open world, and ability to tame and ride a variety of prehistoric creatures.

The Procedural Ark mod introduces a new level of unpredictability to the game by allowing players to generate custom maps with unique terrain features, weather patterns, and wildlife populations. The mod uses a complex algorithm to randomly generate these maps, making each one a completely new experience.

Players can customize their maps by adjusting various settings, such as the size of the map, the number of islands, and the types of biomes that appear. This allows players to create maps that are tailored to their specific preferences and playstyles.

The Procedural Ark mod also adds new gameplay mechanics to the game, such as the ability to dig underground tunnels and create massive cave systems. This feature adds a new level of depth to the game and allows players to explore the underground depths of their custom maps.

Overall, the Procedural Ark mod offers a new and exciting way to experience the game, with unique challenges and experiences waiting around every corner. It is a great way to keep the game fresh and exciting, even for players who have already spent countless hours exploring the vanilla game.

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Is It A Procedural Ark Multiplayer?

What exactly do procedural maps mean? Yes, it works in a single-player. Go into the single-player menu and look in the top left corner, you’ll see an option that will take you to the procedural generation screen. Here you can adjust all kinds of settings that will affect the way the map generates.

How Do You Use Procedural In Ark?

To edit them simply launch the game, go to Play Local ARK, select “Create New Procedurally Generated ARK” in the upper-left of the Host UI, and then you can play around with all the different PGARK settings to construct an ARK to your liking. Give it a unique ARK-Name in the lower-right, and click Host.

How Do I Join A Procedural Ark Server?

Joining Servers

  •     In the main menu, select the Join Ark option.
  •     Change the filters to accommodate how you would like to play the game.
  •     Select a server to play on.
  •     Press the Join button.

What Is A Dedicated Ark Server?

An Ark Dedicated server is a server used to play the online game Ark: Survival Evolved. The server is hosted by a company or individual, and players connect to it to play the game. A dedicated server usually has better performance and stability than a shared server and can be customized to the player’s needs.


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