Ethernet Switch Vs Hub: What Is The Difference?

The ethernet switch vs hub which one to use and what is the difference? This is a query that an individual always has before deciding ethernet connection. As you know ethernet definition, the three ethernet types Ethernet switch, ethernet splitter, and ethernet hub and all have different speeds, different use for the different number of systems. Let us go on and see what is the difference between ethernet splitter vs ethernet switch vs hub, and how so they work.

Ethernet Switch Vs Hub

Ethernet hub vs ethernet switch let us understand this difference very well first. 

Both switch and hub play near about similar roles while making ethernet bridge. Everything is on the frames so what are the frames? Frames are the ones that carry the data from one computer to another and you can receive and transmit these frames.

The Ethernet Hubs

The difference here is how these frames are sent now in hubs the frames do can not examine whatever data is received or sent. So when a frame comes at one port the other ports simply copy the same data and deliver it to the point. Due to this feature, the Ethernet hubs are able to make many connections. 

The only con the hubs have is that it has a network slower than switches. This slow network is the reason why the hubs are more used in home networks mostly. 

The Ethernet Switches

Ethernet switches are capable to record MAC that is Medica Access Control of the devices that are connected. Hence when a frame is received by an ethernet switch it examines and knows that the data has to be sent on which port. Even the switch has the feature that it can allocate the complete bandwidth of every port. 

This makes the ethernet switches better to be used in the offices it also offers 8 port switch

Ethernet Switch Vs Splitter

Now you know about Ethernet Switches and hubs let see Splitters

The Ethernet Switches

Ethernet switch is the best choice for multiple devices. Switches can be great to connect computers, Video gaming consoles, and also printers all at one time. Only one important thing is what you need you know what It’s a power input point. Just plug the ethernet switch into the PowerPoint and you are ready to connect and use many devices at one time.

Ethernet Splitters

In ethernet splitters, you do not require a power input point it converts multiple wires into one and may save a lot of wiring stuff. But the only thing you need to consider is that you need 2 splitters and it comes in pairs themselves. Why do you need pairs you must be thinking? See at one point you will split the connection and on the other end, you need to unsplit then for which you need two splinters. 

The splitters are best for two PCs that are in one room. It is great for a small 2 system set up

Ethernet Switch Vs Hub Vs Splitter Functioning

Let us see how the Ethernet Switch, Hub, and Splitters Function

The Function Of Ethernet Switch

To make the Ethernet Switch you just need to connect the router with the ethernet cable to a switch. Once you have done this connects them to the other devices.

The Function Of Ethernet Hub

HUbs are also easy to use as switches. Hubs have half-duplex communications that help prevent the data to be sent and received simultaneously.

The Function Of Ethernet Splitter

The Ethernet Splitters have 100 Base T standard that supports two cables. This is also the reason you need 2 splitters to connect two computers. This is the best choice if you want to only connect two computers and have a small setup.

Ethernet Switch Vs Hub vs Splitter Key Benefits

Let’s have a look at the benefits of Ethernet Switch, Hub, and Splitter

Benefits Of Ethernet Switch

  • It can save you near about 80% of energy
  • The metal case is durable
  • You get 8 ports in one switch
  • It has plug and plays feature

Benefits Of Ethernet Hub

  • It is energy efficient
  • It has 5 ports
  • It works silently
  • You get Plug and play feature

Benefits Of Ethernet Splitter

  • It divides one cable into 2 outputs
  • It has a simple design
  • It is easy to use

Comparison Of Ethernet Switches

Here is a comparison between Ethernet switch vs hub and splitter.

DescriptionEthernet SwitchEthernet HubEthernet Splitter
Network Speed High Speed Average SpeedLow Speed
Best forMultiple DevicesSmall Setups2 devices in a small setup
Plug and PlayYesYesYes

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Is There A Difference Between A Hub And A Switch?

Hub and Switch are the network connecting devices, both help to connect various devices. Hub works at the physical layer and transmits the signal to the port. Switch route the information and send it over the network.

Should I Buy A Switch Or A Hub?

For a small network with lesser users or devices, a hub can easily deal with network traffics. It will be a cheaper option for a network cabling. While the network grows larger with about 50 users, it is better to use an Ethernet switch to cut down the unnecessary traffic.

What Is Cheaper A Hub Or A Switch?

Hubs are relatively cheap compared to switches and other devices in the network.

When Would You Prefer Switch Over A Hub?

A switch is preferred over a hub because a switch will only send message to device that needs or request it.

What Are 3 Differences Between A Hub And A Switch?

Hubs operate at the Physical Layer. Switches function at the Data Link Layer. Hubs use broadcast type transmission. Switches use unicast, multicast as well as broadcast type transmission.

Do I Need A Network Hub Or Switch?

For a small network with lesser users or devices, a hub can easily deal with network traffics. It will be a cheaper option for a network cabling. While the network grows larger with about 50 users, it is better to use an Ethernet switch to cut down the unnecessary traffic.

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As the article above I have describes everything about the different ethernets switch vs hubs and how to function, what are the key benefits, and what you get in them? Depending on the devices you are going to use you can decide which one is best for you. You also read that the three of them give you a different number of ports. So I assume that I have cleared all your doubts about ethernet switch vs hub and helped you out in this. 


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